Energy Management Manual

The Manual of Energy Management (Handbuch Energiemanagement, HbE) was the core literature for decision-makers and those responsible in the energy sector in utilities, industry, local authorities, universities and research institutes. It illuminated all the important facts in the field of energy management, energy law and energy technology with a scientific claim and yet directly oriented to the needs of practice. In this way, it offered useful assistance for practice and answers to current questions. For example, on electricity or emissions trading or on issues relating to the phase-out of nuclear energy.


The broad range of topics was structured in a practical manner and provided basic orientation, in-depth coverage of special topics, interdisciplinary perspectives and opposing points of view.


The HbE was previously published in printed form by EW-Verlag. The latest version of the handbook (32nd supplementary edition, June 2012) is available here as a free download.